You can't make this stuff up.


Just once I’d like to see their name and feel good about it.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.  WMC.  Whenever and wherever they pop up I’m usually left feeling ill. 

School vouchers were created to help lower-income families in Wisconsin pull themselves up by their bootstraps, move their kids out of troubled schools and into an environment that gives their kids the best chance to succeed.  Over the years that whole concept has really pissed-off the folks in Whitefish Bay and a few other tight-assed communities around our lovely state. Somewhere along the way a bright individual realized school vouchers can be a red herring – an opportunity. School vouchers discriminate against the wealthy and we can’t have that. Enter Scott Walker and the lobby best suited to weigh in on education – Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.  They came to the rescue of the embattled wealthy with state-subsidized school privatization.  The good part (for them) is state-subsidized school privatization will slowly strangle troubled schools by leaching even more tax dollars out of their district’s tax coffers.  Not only that but Scooter and WMC can also punish public teachers at the same time. 

After the November election I was willing to give Scooter a chance. Last session’s Democratic majority whiffed badly and Governor Weathervane Doyle abandoned me and others with his cop-out on DNR Secretary.  So how bad could it get? 

These guys are dangerous.  Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.  Walker, Big Fitz, Vos, Ellis, Little Fitz — the list goes on.  Dangerous and treacherous. 

We need a hero and we need him or her quick.